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Softball field maintenance volunteers
Thank you for volunteering for field maintenance support.  We...
Sponsor recognition
During our opening week we would like to recognize one of our long...
Softball field maintenance volunteers
by posted 04/23/2014

Thank you for volunteering for field maintenance support.  We need your help to be ready for opening day on Monday.

We are a not for profit organization and we strongly rely on our volunteers. 


We have taken on many tasks in preparation for this season, including :

More rock throughout the park

More clay and top dress material added to the fields to help with drainage and dust

Replacing the old hitting tunnel

All new bases and old base anchors replaced

Preparation for another new hitting tunnel

Fence repair


The weather did not allow us to do much in the fall and we are running out of time for the start of the season.

Will you please help us do the final touches to the infields by using coach’s buckets, fielding gloves or trash cans to walk the fields over the next couple of days and pick up as many rocks as possible.  This can be done before practice while the girls are getting loose, while the team is in the outfield, or at the end of practice. 

We also need help spreading the picnic tables and trash cans throughout the park.

Please help us prepare the fields this week so we don’t have to close the park next to complete these tasks as we are ready to play ball!!!

Thank you so much for your interest in the league this year and your willingness to volunteer.

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Sponsor recognition
by posted 04/14/2014

During our opening week we would like to recognize one of our long time sponsors.
Land O’Frost has sponsored over 275,000 children in youth sports leagues across the country since the program began in 2002.
Our intent is to offer parents more information about Land O’Frost and our youth sports mission.  By clicking here we will send special savings opportunities via email.
Land O’Frost absolutely will not share this information with any other company or party.  It is solely for our purpose of building stronger relationships directly with the leagues and parents of the children we support.
By signing up for these specials, the Center Grove Lassie League will receive additional funding for the 2015 season.

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