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Softball Academics Midwest (SAM) Tryouts July 24th

******TRYOUTS JULY 24th 2018   6-8pm--ALL AGES*******

Softball Academics Midwest is Indiana’s only travel program focused on developing the SIX tool player.  While the five physical skills indicate upside, the sixth tool, mental aptitude for the game, gives a better indication of ceiling and coachability.
 Our program is designed to accelerate growth both physically and mentally through the use of a Mental Training Curriculum, Offensive Approach Training, Pitching Approach Training, Baserunning Approach Training, J-Band Implementation, Hitting Metric/Diamond Kinetics Implementation, Visual Occlusion Training via Axon Sports, and Hand-Eye Training.  
Our players are expected to master the mental side of the game in order to perform better physically, and drills/practices are designed to help players convert mental understanding into physical skill.  

1️⃣ Membership to Extra Innings Indy South and their 24,000 square foot indoor facility

2️⃣ Objective tracking of player improvement as we have partnered with Diamond Kinetics 

3️⃣ 16 week off-season mental training curriculum designed to develop six tool  players with high softball IQ’s. 

4️⃣ Player specific recruiting brochures handed out to college coaches as we connect players and parents with schools and opportunities 

5️⃣  Family (SAMFAM) environment of character development and an emphasis on WHO we are instead of just HOW we play.

6️⃣ Top level coaches trained to teach the program using consistent language from 8u-17u 

7️⃣ High quality partnerships outlined throughout 
this brochure that will assist in the overall development of your player

8️⃣ Organizational positional practice structure focused on building position specific skills and traits

9️⃣ "Signature" and "Developmental" programs to fit the needs and goals of players from all skill backgrounds

🔟 Opportunity to build your legacy by breaking single season, single game, and career SAM records on your way to potentially being inducted into the SAM Hall of fame 

Extra Innings Indy South (Indoor Softball facility on the south side of Indianapolis)
Membership Included
Unlimited Free Walk-In Tunnel Use
20% off lessons, classes, and clinics
10% off all Pro Shop Items
Free 6-pack of semi-private lessons
SAM Hall of Fame Room & Record Boards displayed at the facility
Access to HitTrax for metrics such as exit velocity, launch angle, etc.

Diamond Kinetics (Bat Sensor & Smart Ball Company partnered with Perfect Game and PBR with the purpose of tracking objective swing metrics)
Free Bat Sensors for every team
50% off bat sensors for individual player purchase
Coaches Corner app allowing coaches to track player swings recorded with the swing sensor (even swings done at home)
Ability to objectively quantify swing metrics and adjust mechanics to create a better swing
Software integration with HitTrax, giving the hitter a combination of pre-contact and post-contact metrics that together give the complete swing picture


Axon Sports (Visual Occlusion Training application linked to Diamond Kinetics and offered to all players at no cost)
Easy to use Visual Occlusion training for all players
Objectively measurable metrics regarding pitch recognition & reaction time
Coaches Corner app allowing coaches to track player progress and improvement in pitch recognition and reaction time
“Smart App” allowing players to level up, increasing difficulty to keep players challenged and progressing

Inner Circle Softball Pitching Academy (Pitching Academy located at Extra Innings Indy South)
$10 per session for a 6 month, once a week pitching program
Sessions designed to increase functional core strength and velocity
Use of concepts from Driveline, Texas Baseball Ranch, and other “Pitching Gurus” for both velocity training and arm-care
Video analysis of pitching mechanics to break down and utilize for increased performance and consistency

Wilson/Demarini/Louisville Slugger/Evoshield (Partnered Companies for Uniforms, Apparel, and Equipment)
Discounts on uniform pricing and gear pricing through the above companies
“Line Drive” player pricing provides 15-25% discounts on all individual orders for SAM players/families through these companies
Demo Night for players to try newly released bats and gear


SAM has partnered  with CGLL and this will be 
our HOME fields.

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